The building is equipped with an alarm system that is operated by timer, motion sensors and alarm panel/card reader. The security system is set to arm between the hours of 9 pm-6 am. Operators at VAIL after hours will need to:
  • Swipe their badge at the alarm panel (located on east wall of the seminar room) which will disarm the security sysem assuming you have building access.
  • When you leave the premises, be sure to arm the security system by swiping your badge at the alarm panel.

If the alarm is triggered, the security service company, California Security, will call the premises at 650-498-8247 (VAIL lounge phone) to determine the situation. If the phone is answered, the person answering will be asked for name, phone number, what they are wearing and notified to wait outside the facility for a deputy that will be dispatched. Do not move away from the premises after such an incident until Stanford Public Safety arrives.
For further information regarding building access and building security, please contact Erina DuBois (