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May  2021

Stanford 'gecko gripper' tested on the International Space Station

Stanford's 'gecko gripper', a robotic mechanical attachment with gecko inspired adhesive, developed by Mark Cutkosky and Marco Pavone's labs was tested this April in the International Space Station on one of the station's free-flying Astrobee robots to see how it performs in a microgravity environment. According to Pavone, this success is just the first stage in a three-phase plan of experiments to showcase the use of gecko-inspired adhesives in a variety of space-based applications focused on the eventual goal of cleaning up space. Link

E V E N T S​



November 10, 2023

WELCOME - Navistar



November 13, 2023

CARS Annual Meeting

Please join us for our Annual Research Symposium at VAIL. Along with research presentations we will introduce the new Sustainable Mobility program which is under development. We will be joined by members of the Bits and Watts affiliate program. Please RSVP here and view the event site here.

May 2017

Stanford rises to academia's BIg 3 of autonomy

The work of Stanford researchers in autonomous, connected and electric vehicles is highlighted here along with Carnegie Mellon and University of Michigan as one of the three main education centers sparking innovation in the field today.   Link.

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