April  2019

Stanford autonomous car learns to handle unknown conditions

Stanford researchers have developed a neural network that integrates past driving experiences from driving trials from a skilled amateur driver and physics-based systems. The neural network system outperformed the physics-based system in both high-friction and low-friction scenarios and did particularly well in situations that mixed these two conditions. Link.

E V E N T S​



June 5, 2020

Robotics Today - A Series of Technical Talks 

Allison Okamura, Professor, Mechanical Engineering will present at the next Robotics Today virtual seminar. The goal of the series is to bring the robotics community together during these challenging times. The seminars are scheduled on Fridays at 1PM EDT (10AM PDT) and are open to the public. The format of the seminar consists of a technical talk live captioned and streamed via Web and Twitter (@RoboticsSeminar), followed by an interactive discussion between the speaker and a panel of faculty, postdocs, and students that will moderate audience questions.

May 2017

Stanford rises to academia's BIg 3 of autonomy

The work of Stanford researchers in autonomous, connected and electric vehicles is highlighted here along with Carnegie Mellon and University of Michigan as one of the three main education centers sparking innovation in the field today.   Link.